Monday, November 15, 2010

Tillinghast Specimen

There's a reason for all those Tillinghast Field warning stickers. Fail to pay attention and you could find something like this gnawing on your flesh.

A quick and dirty shot of a critter I was working on over the weekend. The skin is latex over a silicone core and the teeth are epoxy resin. The gooey, chunky slime is cornstarch and water that was heated to boiling in the microwave and then cooled. Yes, it's essentially gravy. Heh.


Jeff said...

Hey! It's Jeff. We didn't hear from you that day. Anyway, call me Thursday night. Kelly wants to know what you are doing for Thanksgiving, since it's just her and I we want to invite you. And you can help me set up the podcast kit.

Surreality said...

Well done!
[Looks delicious.]