Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ritual Gone Wrong

Anyone involuntarily committed to a padded room at Arkham Sanitarium has a natural desire to escape. That task is considerably easier when you're aware of rituals that allow movement between the spaces of normal reality, but the consequences of making a mistake would give pause to anyone who wasn't already insane. Cybrasty sent over these shots of an unfortunate inmate patient who suffered the results of one of those mistakes.

I've attached the tentacles (made with your tutorial) to the bought straight jacket with duct tape. Mask was made of plaster bandages and normal bandages, and the Cthulhu medallion was hand sculpted. The biggest inspiration for this costume, apart from Lovecraft, was the main character from the game Sanitarium."

You'll find more of Cybrasty's work at his DeviantArt page.

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Gregory Parsons said...

I really dig that costume. Well done all!

Be Seeing You,