Sunday, November 7, 2010

Miskatonic Swim Team

The Miskatonic University Varsity swim team, from the 1925 yearbook. And, yes, one of the top swimmers is from Innsmouth. Just click through for the high resolution version.

This is a retouched photo from one of the vintage yearbooks I've been collecting for the Miskatonic University project. It's not quite ready to launch yet, but it's getting close. In addition to the items that have already been discussed I want to include a goodly amount of vintage-style collegiate ephemera in the package.

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Raven said...

"And, yes, one of the top swimmers is from Innsmouth."

Which one? The fellow at bottom right has light-colored and narrow eyes, rather than protuberant "googly" eyes, and I always thought the casting instructions for the Innsmouth Look should read "hyperthyroid." No-one else looks at all spooky, and I don't see any gill markings.