Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Innsmouth Raid

A photograph of bootlegger Giles Upham taken the day after the federal raid on Innsmouth, Massachusetts. He was captured by United States Marines and agents of the Department of Justice in the hidden tunnels beneath the town on February 3, 1928 and later convicted of multiple crimes. Like many of the conspirators taken into custody he displays the signs of generations of inbreeding- bulging, watery eyes, humpbacked posture, and wattle-like growths on the neck.


Nickolas Storm said... the "shopped up" photos and of course, all the crypto-historical stuff.

Can't wait for an innsmouth prop package!

Skanwy said...

It looks really authentic! I think you captured the Innsmouth look very well :) He looks ready to try his first foray to the ocean depths ;)

cybrasty said...

That's great stuff! My players are now discovering what happened during the insmouth raid - that's going to be great prop for them.

Viktor T. S. Korpisusi said...

If you do not mind, your blog with this photo mentioned here: