Sunday, November 23, 2008

Elder Thing Photo

I finally had a chance to shoot the Elder Thing dissection scene today. Here's the final shot:

I'm particularly proud of the loathsome ichor leaking from the slowly thawing eye stalk. I whipped it together from some cornstarch, water, and instant tea. Yes, that's right- it's basically lumpy gravy.

We're on the cutting edge of special effects here at Manse Propnomicon. Heh.

Update: Based on feedback I re-shot a couple of different views focusing on the "gooey" bits of the prop:

Of the three black and white pictures I'm leaning towards the third one directly above, but I'm open to suggestions. Here's what the setup looked like while I was shooting it. Just click through to see the large version in "Gore-o-vision":

Ooey, gooey goodness. Heh.


Emmanuel said...

For me, it's a bit disappointing that the final picture doesn't show the "inside" of the Elder Thing. What the second shot (in color) shows is awesomely disturbing.

Propnomicon said...

That's one of the reasons I like to post this stuff. I'll do a re-shoot with the camera looking at the base of the stalk and let people decide which version they like better. I'm aiming to have have the phote sets available by Tuesday of this week, so there's still time to fiddle around.

Emmanuel said...

Aah, those new shots are really creepy ! I wonder what your friends and family may think about your hobbies when they come over and stumble across that kind of thing... ;)

Propnomicon said...

Once I discovered that every male in America secretly wants to have a kick-ass Halloween display all my worries about social acceptance vanished.

That said, the cornstarch mixture I used is like glue once it dries. The significant other was not amused about the mess in the sink. Heh.