Friday, September 4, 2015

Treasure Chest Kickstarter

A treasure chest?  Made of real wood and steel?  For $40 For $54, shipped?

Sign me up. It might be worth hopping on.

I don't normally flog Kickstarter projects, but I think this one is worth supporting keeping an eye on.   The chest from Fantasy Coin, LLC is a natural outgrowth of their numismatic efforts and features solid construction, a functional lock, and a selection of three skeleton keys.  The finish is a bit meh, but that's easy to fix.  What makes this a really good deal is that shipping is included in the pledge price.  The topper is that the sponsor has a solid record of delivering what they promise.  Given the rampant fraud and under-performance that infests Kickstarter (I'm looking at you, Chaosium) that's a major plus.

Update:  It appears shipping isn't actually included in the pledge price.  Christian Haunton brought that fact up in the comments, pointing out that shipping is added after you pick a pledge tier.  I had interpreted this statement to mean shipping was included:
Ah yes, the dreaded shipping! Sending packages overseas can be expensive, especially for a heavy item such as these chests. The prices shown in the reward tiers are the actual costs to ship a Medium Flat Rate box. USPS has been the most reliable and cost effective in our experience.
With an extra 30% tacked on for shipping this isn't nearly the deal I thought it was.  That could change, based on the extras thrown in if the campaign hits it's stretch goals.  For now I'm going to pass on it.

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Christian Haunton said...

This is a really cool chest, and I ended up backing the campaign, but (at least for me, in the US) there was an additional shipping charge of $14-$100, depending on the pledge tier you select.