Saturday, September 26, 2015

Atlantean Artifacts

 Claire Hummel brings us this nifty collection of items based on Disney's "Atlantis", created for a Valentine's Day gift exchange.  It includes a fragment of writing on cloth, the translation of same by the P. B. Whitmore character, and a blue Atlantean crystal.


CoastConFan said...

The Disney movie Atlantis featured an interesting original written and spoken language. The Wikipedia article is quite good . For further reading on the language try this link

The Atlantean font (and others) can be downloaded here

Raven said...

Nicely done English-language letter, absolutely *lovely* Atlantean message-cloth, and a "yob" (crystal) that anyone would be proud to wear... psst! take a look at Alex-as-Milo's yob in his costume photo -- it's glowing pale blue, like in the movie!

Raven said...
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Anonymous said...

Neat project.
I love any artifacts from that movie.

There used to be a light up key fob that looked exactly like the crystal in the movie accept with a silver attachment instead of gold.
Has a blue glow (LED) and was only a few dollars in the automotive accessories sections of most stores.