Friday, September 18, 2015

Cthulhu Fhtagn! JHRL Edition.

This impressive Cthulhu sculpt comes to use from Mexican artist JHRL.  I like how he's captured the humanoid form without being overly anthropomorphic.


Dogstar said...

And, tentacles without being too...octopomorphic?

Raven said...

Looking at this fellow, one remembers that in a match between octopus and shark, octopus wins... and one can immediately understand why.

Teeth can be scary, but even a mouthful of teeth all together still amount to a single point of attack, like a spear-tip.

Strong arms spread out coördinated in a wrestler's attack are like a well-run army, surrounding and subduing the enemy* -- and in a shark's case, to immobilize him is to suffocate him, since without movement he can't get water through his gills.

JHRL's anthropo- portion stresses Cthulhu's strong arms... immediately below some dramatic and emphatic tentacles, also clearly strong. Any Pacific shark-gods had better look out.

[Why, yes, wrestling was my school sport; why do you ask?]

Raven said...

Followup on YouTube: National Geographic 2007 video, 2 min 45 sec, Shark vs Octopus.

The dogfish sharks in this giant aquarium kept getting killed off, and it was a mystery to the aquarium keepers. Finally, cameras identified the killer: a camouflaged Giant Pacific Octopus. Please forgive the cheesy narration.