Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Runes of Wintermark

The UK-based "Empire" LARP brings us their in-game "Wintermark" rune alphabet.  The 26 character font is downloadable from their website in both TTF and vector formats.  It's used for both magical rituals and items in live action events, and ideal for re-purposing.

The fact they have their own font gives you an idea how immersive "Empire" is.  Browse the rest of their website for some glorious LARP porn, including costumes and themed camps.

Update: In the comments Nicholas Avenell pointed out I wasn't the first to think about re-purposing those glyphs. Harry Dresden beat me to it. Heh.


Andrew Knighton said...

I've played a couple of Empire events, and the game lives up to the glory of that website. In nearly two decades of LRP, I've never been in a more immersive and atmospheric environment.

Nicholas Avenell said...

And, if you look closely at the most recent Dresden Files hardback cover, you can see that repurposed they have, indeed, been...