Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Relic

Tóbal brings us this "Hellboy" inspired reliquary, complete with bone fragment.


Alex Kaeda said...

I'd almost kill for a "How To", to try to make my own. That looks amazingly awesome.

Tóbal said...

Thanks for the link...
Alex , here you are:
Eat a chicken or something not human with bones.
Clean the bone well...(ants help a lot)
Cristal vial in this case is a light bulb from a lantern.Cut the metal with care and save the cristal.
Put some alcohol or water inside and put the bone into the glass bulb.You can tint the water with colours.
Now the key to seal the liquid and prevent the scape of liquid: use a putty (two compound epoxy) that gets hard at normal temperature once you mix the two parts.This epoxi compounds allows you to sculpt a little.So you can make a filigrane or create something.
Let it dry and paint it with acrylic colours.
I´ve used gold and aged it with brown inks.
Use sandpaper or inks to age cristal as well (we dont want a modern cristal in a vintage relic)

Hope it helps!

Alex Kaeda said...

Thanks Tobal! thats perfect! I think I know what project I'm going to work on this weekend at work!