Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blasphemous Tomes

Yesterday's look at a small part of Nick Storm's extensive collection featured an impressive tome. It turns out that it's a copy of "De Vermis Mysteriis" created by Anchorhead Books , and what's inside is just as well crafted as the outside. Their Flickr account has detailed photos of the book's interior and inserts.

I feel a bit guilty that I haven't featured them before this, since I regularly troll Flickr for interesting props. The fact that work like this was able to escape my notice is a little embarrassing.


ArcaneRadio said...

Thanks for blogging my work. I hope to have new pictures posted soon. I also plan to blog more about my props. And write a few "How To's".

Nick S. said...

Nice to see you back.It seems that at some point, all the prop builders, gamers and the very props themselves, come back....they...all...come...back. It's just great that we have such an accommodating "library of the weird" here at propnomicon - at our collective disposal to catalog and record our work.

Raven said...

But the proppers came back
     the very next day,
The proppers came back,
     we thought they were all goners, but
The proppers came back,
     they just couldn't stay away-ay-AY-ay-AY-ay!

ArcaneRadio said...

Yep, I came back. Too many ideas floating around in my head and when I mention an idea to someone, they always say "you should do that!" and I say "Yeah I'll get around to it". Guess I have to now.

Anonymous said...

I bought one of these on ebay, and seeing them in reality is even better than looking at the pics. The book has even an odd smell to it. Possibly one of the best props I ever had.

Regards, ebay member Kathuul.

Keeper said...

I purchased one of these some time ago. I love the work, but I'm allergic to the incense used on it.