Thursday, October 28, 2010

Arachnid Under Glass

Artist Tóbal brings us this very nice vintage style bottled specimen of Argiope lobata. A totally harmless breed of spider, but it's still creeps me out more than a fantasy specimen.

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Raven said...

Exterior of Museum, later that evening.

Mr Propnomicon and Ms Significant Other are strolling away along the sidewalk.

Ms SO: Dear... At the Museum, you said that spider was "totally harmless."

Mr P: Yes, my sweet?

Ms SO: Are you quite certain?

Mr P: Oh, yes, darling.

Ms SO: But... would you tell me why?

Mr P: Well, three reasons. First of all, no-one who has been bitten by Argiope lobata has ever reported ill effects from it; second, that specimen is dead; third, it's behind glass. Now, why were you concerned, my sweet?

Ms SO: Well, three reasons. First, we passed a patrolman recumbent in the grass, with one of those spiders on top of him, and I don't think he's going to be reporting anything either. Second, I think I've seen over a dozen other spiders on the walls, bushes, and grass. Third, I think they're starting to follow us. So I'm very glad they're "totally harmless."

Mr P: Yes. Right. True. Nevertheless, sometimes, rather a nuisance. Quite... annoying at times. May I suggest we pick up our pace a bit, and go directly to our conveyance? In fact, just for youthful fun, darling, just for a lark, let's run!