Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Crass Commercialism

I have some bottled specimens up on Ebay that you may enjoy. I think they're pretty nifty, but I can relate if your wallet is feeling a little light. Might I suggest checking out these tutorials on making your own?


M. le Comte de Rigueur said...

Any way you could post these to Australia?

Propnomicon said...

@ M. le Comte de Rigueur

Unfortunately not. An alcohol solution inside a glass container, like my bottled specimens, is considered a hazardous material when shipped via airmail.

Yes, that means a bottle of perfume is treated the same as a can of gasoline by the international post.

Considering that half my regular customers live outside the US I'm not too fond of that restriction.

M. le Comte de Rigueur said...


Understood, though.

Oh for Yog-SothothMail. As a being coterminous with all of space-time, It'd make an excellent postal worker.