Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pinkerton Credentials

"They found his credentials and his...hat..we think, near what we assume was...him at one time, sir."

"At one time?"

"Formerly, yes. He seemed to have been extensively....gnawed, sir."

Mr. Able of the Able workshop, the alter ego of artist Julian DiMarco, brings us this vintage Pinkerton badge and ID. The badge is all metal, and the agent identification card is based on an example from 1930. The case is 100% antique leather.

The Pinkerton National Detective Agency was at one time the largest security and investigative service in the world. In the decades after its founding in 1850 it became famous both for the quality of its detective services and its involvement in the brutal repression of the American labor movement. In the classic era of the Mythos it was still an immensely powerful organization, but the backlash against its anti-union involvement and the development of professional policing would reduce it to a glorified security and bodyguard company by the 1950s.

Wikipedia has more information about the Pinkerton Agency and its founder, Allan Pinkerton.


Alex Kaeda said...

that is so awesome. I hesitate to ask . . . . is this a one-off, or a commercial production?

Either way, a similar badge is something I think would be dead awesome for a Arkham City PD/County Sheriff/Private Investigator project.

anniv111701 said...

I agree with Alex - That would be awesome! (Hmmm... I wonder if trying to smelt metal would void my rental agreement...)

Oakree - I sent you email; this Pinkertons post got me thinking about credentials to go with your Department of Mental Diseases letterhead, so I made up a couple of PDF's if you think they'll be of interest.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

To bad that not a real Pinkerton badge. Their are hundred of these on ebay. Pinkerton never had a badge like this !!!!told fake.