Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fiat Lux

More classic era adventuring gear, this time a selection of carbide lamps and camping stoves. Taken from the 1922 "Jubilee" edition of the Montgomery Ward's mail order catalog. Just click through for the high resolution version.


Mik said...

I've started an Indiana Jones journal base don the novels, etc. and Peril at Delphi starts in 1922, so this would be cool for the back of some inserts I plan on making.

Propnomicon said...

@ Mik

Then you'll be very happy over the coming weeks. I'm trying to break up the catalog into scannable chunks under bloggers 1600px JPG limit.

Ken kin of Nik said...

In this particular instance when one that seems to suggest, from your profile picture,some affinity to the fictional "Cthulhu" from the mind of "Howard Philips L***", or "the Dagon" that has both a historical and mythological status, can be taken at "its" word with any hope for "its" comment(s) to be close to any degree of truthfulness. Despite how well "its" comments and claims may be articulated or spun.
However, even the Italian Fascist dictator, "Benito Mussolini" who took power in 1922, was known to spin the "truth" when it made him appear to have certain skills that were well above his abilities. If your claims are true then very well done with such attention to detail!