Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Mystery Edition

A kind emailer sent over this photograph, which appears to be a very nice Cthulhu idol in the process of being sculpted from polymer clay.

Googling the pictures filename (34353025_468ee76463.jpg) eventually leads to this "Alien" fan forum, but the discussion doesn't identify the artist and only includes a direct link to the picture on Flickr. Sadly, that makes it impossible to find what account originally posted it back in 2005.

Without any further information it becomes another of the "lost" Cthulhu idols, it's maker forever unknown.

Kurt pointed out in the comments that the picture can be found in the collection of "Dragon1" over here. Based on the other photos it looks like he's a Lovecraft fan that might have saved it while visiting the site of the original sculptor.


Anonymous said...

looks like elephant :)

Kurt said...

It's posted here:

Anonymous said...

A tool I have found useful in image searches is You can upload or direct link to an image & TinEye will show where else it is posted on the Internet. It's currently not showing any results for the Mystery Cthulhu but their image database is constantly growing so it's worth rechecking later.

~ Evil Jim