Sunday, May 9, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Postcard

A prop postcard of Arkham Sanitarium, based on a period painted-color example. To produce the finished prop, click through to download the high resolution version, download the back and postmark over here, and then:

1. Print the front image on cardstock and trim it to 4" X 6".
2. Adjust your printer document size to 4" by 6", flip over your trimmed card, and print the back side.
3. Apply stamp.
4. Run the back side of the card through the printer again to apply the postmark.

Optionally, you can follow that up with a rubdown with fine sandpaper along the corners and edges, then apply a light wash of tea to age the finished postcard.

Update: It escaped my age-addled memory that I had a new card back already finished. Just click through for the high resolution version.


Raven said...

That would be, very appropriately, the Danvers State Hospital, a sad tale in itself, and the real-world archetype for Lovecraft's asylum. Good choice!

Leo Dias said...

Wow,just perfect!
Not to mention the timing,Im collecting Arkham paper props for an investigation kit Im doing for the Innsmouth Fetus.I used some pictures of the Danvers Mental Hospital and a post card would complete it amazingly! I hope you dont mind I include one of these on it!;D

Propnomicon said...

@ Raven

It's actually a building that was intentionally patterned after Danvers, but with the benefit of a more humane perspective.

Contrary to my normal ethic of being open and transparent I don't want to say exactly what building it is, just yet. I hate being needlessly secretive, but there's a reason for it.

@ Leo Dias

Help yourself, that's what it's for.

Raven said...

Well, there were only so many Kirkbride buildings ever built....

Raven said...

And here is a period postcard of the Danvers asylum, in case you or anyone else wants to clean up and adapt that....