Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Twitteriffic!

If you look over there to the right you'll see that I've added a Twitter feed. I'll be using it to plug material here on the blog and for things I find interesting outside the world of Lovecraftiana and props.

Rest assured, the focus of Propnomicon will remain where it is. I absolutely hate when a blog or website suddenly tries to "broaden it's audience" beyond what attracted me to it in the first place. That, most assuredly, will not happen here. I like my little niche and plan on occupying it for a long time to come, but I occasionally come across things I think are cool and want to share. Those items will be limited to Twitter.


Jason said...

Perhaps a banner that other sites can post that link back to you would be cool.

I have a few sites I would post that on...

Propnomicon said...

I appreciate the thought, but I like to keep linking organic and natural. One of the things that limits my linkability is that I have a very narrow focus on props and Lovecraftiana. There just aren't that many places on the web where flogging that would be appropriate.

I just feel like having a banner is akin to being the guest at a party who shows up and talks about how great the party at *my* house is. Yeah, I know that sounds almost pathologically anal retentive, but I figure anyone with an interest in what I write about will eventually end up here.

Anonymous said...

Twitter! Noooooo! Run while you still can, while sanity is still within your grasp!

Don't do it!