Friday, December 4, 2009

Call Of Cthulhu Paper Props

I've said before that the international "Call of Cthulhu" community produces some amazing work, and this post on game handouts at Mundo Tentacular proves it. If you can't read Portuguese, here's the Babel Fish version.

I'm guessing that the author is from Brazil based purely on the language and the covers of some of the supplements displayed elsewhere on the blog. I love stumbling across sites like this for the slightly different takes on Cthulhu gaming around the world. Even with the language barrier it's easy to see the level of talent on display.


Pablo Lopes Moreno said...

Yes, the blog Mundo Tentacular is from Brazil and one of the best about CoC in brazilian lands.
Luciano makes a amazing work in the blog disseminating our hobby.

Propnomicon said...

@ Pablo Moreno

Thanks for the confirmation. I've traded emails with a few Brazilian fans, but it's difficult to discover websites like Mundo Tentacular because of the language barrier. I lived in New Bedford, MA for a few years and learned just enough Portuguese to order a meal at a restaurant.

Pablo Lopes Moreno said...

Its not difficult only because the language barrier.
Here in Brazil the literature of Lovecraft is not much dissemited in my opnion, sadly.
In orkut exist some communities but sites or blog about CoC I just know the Mundo Tentacular.