Monday, November 16, 2009

Replica Prop Forum Registration Now Open

New registrations for The Replica Prop Forum are being accepted now until November 30th. If you enjoy making props, or simply admiring the creations of others, I highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.

The RPF is, quite simply, the premiere community for the discussion of replica props on the internet. Most of the postings deal with items from franchises like "Star Wars" and "Star Trek", but fans of lesser known media and literary sources will find like-minded people working on a variety of projects. Of particular note is the new "Paper Props" sub-board, which is filled with items from dozens of films.

Update: Here's Adam Savage of "Mythbusters" with a celebrity endorsement for the RPF, based on his insane quest to create an absolutely authentic reproduction of The Maltese Falcon. The entire presentation is immensely entertaining, starting with Mr. Savage's interest in dodo birds and careening into the production of the original falcon and it's connection with the Black Dahlia murder. The discussion about the RPF begins at 13:20.


Phadrus said...

Adam Savage Rocks! Love his deep Passion/Obsession with his work! *grin*

Mik said...

I've been keeping an eye on RPF so i could apply to join, happily I am now a member.

Rev. Marx said...

Awesome video. That guy is a fanatic. I only wish I had a tenth of that much dedication to see a project through.

Propnomicon said...

@ Phadrus

One of the glories of the internet is that obsessive fans finally have a chance to connect with one another.

Not that I know anything about that.



Congratulations! There's a treasure trove of information and help available there for almost every conceivable project.

@ Rev. Marx

You think you have a lack of dedication? Dude, you built a giant inflatable Cthulhu. Twice! That's three flavors of awesome in my book.

Tom Banwell said...

At last. It's been a long time since they accepted new members.