Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Goominet, Reloaded.

Francois Launet has relaunched Goominet, the online home of his horror and Lovecratian artwork. Here's just a sampling of the dozens of artworks on display:

I'm a huge fan of Mr. Launet's work, particularly his incredible depictions of the Necronomicon. As I've said before, from the hundreds of different takes on the material I've seen his depictions come closest to my idealized view of Lovecraft's dread tome. Other artists have portrayed a more scholarly and historically accurate version, but no one has come close to the sheer creepiness of his disturbing images.


AgentPnakotus said...

I love his Unspeakable Vault of Doom :)

Propnomicon said...

The fact that Mr. Launet is behind one of the funniest comics on the web at the same time he creates works like those pictured speaks volumes about his level of talent.