Friday, November 21, 2014

The Skin Trade

Grim Stitch Factory produces some incredibly creepy masks.  Most of their work is burlap scarecrows, but they also produce a line of real skin masks that I thought were interesting.  The skin in question is dried goatskin, the stuff normally used for drum heads. 

What's really impressive is that they openly share their materials and techniques.  That's something all too rare, and I'm happy there are so many artists that embrace that openness in our particular niche. 


CoastConFan said...

This is a fine example of getting back to basics and letting the material speak for itself because sometimes less really is more. The brilliant but simple addition of teeth is what really makes this mask top-notch. “It puts the lotion on its skin / or it gets the hose again” Silence of the Lambs

To add an extra dimension the costumer who wears this appliance should also use makeup on the exposed areas. For that extra extra bang, the wearer can put makeup on the area under the mask can be done up shockingly so that when the mask is doffed another layer is exposed.

Because goatskin is thinner than many leathers yet strong and easy to form, it has been popular for thousands of years for making a variety of items from clothing to water skins. More recently goat skin is used in the making of pseudo shrunken heads, due to its ability to be formed like sheet plastic. Goatskin is still used for book bindings and small sculptures.

For those of you in a traditional European Christmas spirit, here’s a Krampus costume made of goatskin:

Of course you can stay classic with the King in Yellow quote,
Camilla: You, sir, should unmask.
Stranger: Indeed?
Cassilda: Indeed it's time. We have all laid aside disguise but you.
Stranger: I wear no mask.
Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) No mask? No mask!

Dr. Theda said...

We always enjoy the wonderful "things" that you post here...
A great weekend to you and yours...

Propnomicon said...

@ CoastConFan

I have to admit I had no idea of the artistic uses of goatskin outside of gaff shrunken heads. I've seen molded leather masks before, but nothing with this level of translucence. It's an amazing material.

@ Dr. Theda

I do try. Heh. And best wishes to yourself, as well.