Monday, November 17, 2014

Belt of the Shapeshifter

Oskar Hejll brings us a this curious occult artifact from Scandinavia- a magical belt used to transform between animal and human form.   An absolutely beautiful piece of work crafted from brass, leather, and silver.

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Raven said...

From Sabine Baring-Gould's The Book of Were-Wolves (1865):

     According to a Danish popular song, a hero transformed by his step-mother into a bear, fights with a knight:--

For 'tis she who hath bewitched me,
A woman false and fell,
Bound an iron girdle round me,
If thou can'st not break this belt,
Knight, I'll thee destroy!

* * * *
The noble made the Christian sign,
The girdle snapped, the bear was changed,
And see! he was a lusty knight,
His father's realm regained.

     —Kj√¶mpeviser, p. 147.

     When an old bear in Ofodens Priestegjeld was killed, after it had caused the death of six men and sixty horses, it was found to be girded with a similar girdle.