Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dagon Rises

This impressive Dagon statuette comes to us via Polish miniatures blogger Incubus.  Google's translation isn't entirely clear, but it's apparently a prestige casting from Black Thunder Studio.  Based on the pictures in the original post it measures around 7" in height. I suspect there are more gems like this in Eastern Europe, but the language barrier makes finding them difficult.


Unknown said...

If you turn the translation of you'll see there's also description in English. :)
It says:

"I scarcely write on this blog about non-wargaming miniatures, but sometimes I feel the urge to paint something larger then 28 mm scale. Last miniature of such kind shown here was this Norman Warrior in 54 mm scale I think. Now - thanks to Gonzo from Black Grom Studio company, it will be this Dagon. He gave me his latest release - resin Dagon. I think this product is not available yet but I'm sure he will be more then happy to sell some of first run casts, if someone will want to buy this sculpt.

Some facts. This miniature is HUGE. It is clearly visible on the photo with cultist in 28 mm scale. It is weighty too (310 g). Miniature, sculpted by Robert Kurek, depicts sea god of the deep waters, holding tight the stone monument. I especially like the fishy monster head, with clearly visible tooth, two pairs of round eyes and gills hidden under the fleshy folds of the skin. Head is perfect representation of predatory sea creture, living in the depths for untold millenias, both alien and frightening. I also really like legs and arms of this creature - long fingers ended with claws and webbed foot. Take a look at the webbed crests on the back and legs too - nice details I think.

Cast is of really high quality, details are sharp and clean. There are some tiny holes visible in two or three areas of the cast, which will have to be filled with greenstuff, but nothing serious or detail-damaging. No mould lines, no overlaps. All one need to to is to fill small holes, wash cast with soap and warm water nad basecoat it. Can't wait to paint it."

Greetings from Polish reader. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I received my copy of this figure in the post this week and it is better than the photos!

The sculpt is original and really detailed. The cast is (I think) solid, giving it some real heft.

Now I just have to decide if I want it as an idol (easy paint), or a figure (harder paint).

From Australia