Sunday, June 29, 2014


Juan Carlos Porcel at Elder Props is on a roll.  He not only brings us the very cool Necrofonticon fantasy font, but his hand-drawn recreations of the Necronomicon artwork from the Evil Dead reboot.


Clint said...

I have been waiting for just this! Thank you!

CoastConFan said...

Evil dead is one of those guilty pleasures on par with Toxic Avenger. Then again it was no Leprechaun (4) In Space, but perhaps I am getting out of my depth. The reproduced artwork is great fun and I appreciate the effort in reproducing it.

As far as numeral systems in ancient texts and grimoires, I like to take leave of base 10 and move over to something more fundamentally ancient like the Babylonian’s base 60. If you are seeing shades of the Sixtystone, see also The Novel of the Black Seal by Arthur Machen, as well as Propnomicon’s blog entry about same: .

Some information about Babylonian sexagesimal.

Novel of the Black Stone is within the book, The Three Imposters, downloadable at Project Gutenberg for free:

Propnomicon said...

@ Zero Mostel

Mr. Porcel is deserving of all the thanks. He's incredibly generous to make his work freely available.

@ CoastConFan

As always, your comment is incredibly useful. Machen was a significant influence on Lovecraft and his stories are just as horrific today as when they were first written.