Monday, June 2, 2014

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Happnes Edition.

There have been a number of Cthulhu idols that use Lovecraft's original sketch as a starting point, but I believe this one from Happnes is the first to specifically bring the drawing to life.  It's an amazing effort.


Dromicosuchus said...

Wow. I'd never been inclined to think too highly of Lovecraft's piece as a depiction of Cthulhu, but when it's faithfully translated into 3D like this, the effect is really quite striking. It honestly does give the impression of being from some sophisticated but wholly alien artistic tradition.

CrawlingChaos said...

What about this one?

I've had a copy of the larger version ( for years. It's epic.

Anonymous said...

I just had a funny realization about Cthulhu's "wings," which I've always thought an odd stylistic choice. The way they're presented in this sculpture looks very unlike a structure for flying.

Then it hit me: he's huge, and that means his volume to surface-area ratio is very high. It would be very difficult for Cthulhu to eliminate waste heat from his body core (especially if he's as plump as Lovecraft's drawing shows him). Thus, the "wings" are actually a radiator, with vasculature connected directly to the body core.

I doubt that's what Lovecraft meant for the wings to be, but it struck me as a cute interpretation.