Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Tóbal Edition.

It's turning into quite the week for outstanding prop collections.  Tóbal brings us this Mayan Cthulhu idol, which comes complete with a variety of prop documents.  That second photograph is just perfect.


CoastConFan said...

This figure is a major departure – Hooray! I’m glad to see a new slant on the Mythos, now that Cthulhu has become mainstream. Oh for the days decades ago, when a “Cthulhu Saves” bumper sticker went unrecognized but once a year or so; the enjoyment of that one single person who honked in traffic and gave the high sign (or was it the Elder Sign).

This figure kind of strikes me two ways. First as Mayan type figure but also a kind of tech character with those slotted screw eyes and robot-like arms. If Bender met Cthulhu, would he look like that? Remember that these Old Things are star travelers and extend both forward and backward in time. Bite my shiny-color-not-of-this-Earth, multidimensional carapace fundament, soon to be consumed meat bags!

All levity aside, the photography is very good also and sets the proper mood. In fact, thanks for rethinking the Mythos a bit, because repetition makes things stale. Prop makers should be looking at new vistas and new characterizations of Lovecraft’s dream. Superb.

Tóbal said...

Thanks very much for posting my set !
And thanks , CoastConFan , I am very happy to hear that .
I´ll try to continue making more of these with different culture visions.