Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pulp-Style Jet Pack

Artist Jeff de Boer brings us this fantastic jet pack. The uniform and his imperious expression immediately brought to mind the Nazi sky troopers from "The Rocketeer".


CoastConFan said...

Jeff de Boer works in metals, a rare thing in prop making due to the expense and high degree of expertise in the craft. His site is well worth the tour and his props are first class. I couldn’t help but notice the nozzle of his jet pack is uncomfortably close to the seat of his trousers, yeow.

Most of these rocket packs evolved from the seminal movie serial Commando Cody from the early 1950s but had more of a mood of the 1930s. I always loved the big control knob with the UP and DOWN feature. Check it out on Wikipedia I haven’t looked yet, but I bet YouTube has some of the serials. Gad those were cheesy!

A fannish friend of mine recommended a Finnish made movie called Iron Sky about space Nazis invading the earth from the dark side of the moon. The trailer looks intriguing and is on this site and an article Wikipedia .

Rhissanna said...

The costume is amazing, but I really want that door!.