Friday, September 28, 2012

Oil Aging Bottles

"SheCreatesStuff" has an interesting tutorial on using oil to age and discolor glass bottles. Her inspiration? Seasoning cast iron cookware. What makes this technique different from using a matte spray or tint is that the result is food-safe. That means grungy potion bottles you can actually drink from.

"I used flaxseed oil on my bottles because it is a "drying oil" which would give a hard finish while still being food safe. It gave a yellowish sheen that was exactly what I had been looking for. Since organic flaxseed oil is what I'm already using to season pans, I thought it was ideal. My first experiment was with canola oil which gave the right sheen but was sticky. So do yourself a favor and use a drying oil. If you are simply aging bottles for display, you can use linseed oil instead."


Anonymous said...

Quick note, flax seed oil is just the common name for food grade linseed oil. Same product but flax is safer to consume, handle and from what I hear much less likely to explode. Its also more expensive.

inkedkoi said...

This is exactly the technique I've been looking for my project I'm currently developing. I've come across this site a few times, and I absolutely love it. There are some things I see that I wish I knew how to do.