Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vintage-Style Laboratory Equipment

"i-Zombie" brings us this wonderful accessory for a vintage mad scientists laboratory. It's based on a similar piece from the craftsmen at Stelter Creative, which was itself inspired by the pioneering prop design work of Kenneth Strickfaden.


CoastConFan said...

That is a nice recycle job on an early Atwater Kent type radio. Many electronic items were housed in wooden cabinets due to its insulating properties. That means a little there a lot of old radio cases, both table top and standing that are too far gone to restore, but would make a great starter for props. Obsolete, burned out large radio tubes can be opened up and low watt leds can be placed inside to give an operational glowing effect. A little judicious finishing and you have a prop that looks great and is durable. Shelter Creative has a lot of nice photos of their finished props.

Alex Kaeda said...

something like that would make a flippin' sweet computer case.

Skywatcher said...

I like the touch of displaying it on a cabinet full of skulls - check the lower right photo in the link.