Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Clarke Edition.

Andy Clarke brings us this this unusual Cthulhu idol. It's a very different take from most depictions, most notably the lack of tentacles. What makes it even more impressive, at least in my eyes, is the fact it was crafted from paper mache, toothpicks, and hot glue. Browse through the rest of his gallery and you'll see some really inventive props created just for the hell of it, including a neat little "haunted boardgame".


Anonymous said...

Thanks, glad you like!
- Andy

CoastConFan said...

It's nice to see new interpretations of the Mythos. I’m sure H. P. Lovecraft didn’t intend others to maintain slavish imitation, but rather to make the mythos their own. His correspondence with Robert Block, August Dereleth, and Robert E. Howard, among others showed that he enjoyed sharing material and relished other’s spin of his works.