Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Guts

Gorey Corey at the Effects Lab Forum brings us a tutorial on creating yards and yards of intestines. Admittedly, there aren't many occasions when a pile of innards is de rigueur, but the technique can be used to make all sorts of ropy, organic props like tentacles and vines.

All of the materials are readily available. If you have difficulty finding art latex, or are on a particularly tight budget, you can use latex carpet adhesive from a home supply store and thin it with a bit of ammonia.

"After the layers are dry and you are pleased with how they look you'll take the paper towels and roll them up to about the thickness of your thumb, the paper towels should be distorted and "lumpy" in parts. Now the tricky part you might need some one to help, place the paper towels on one edge of the latex strip and start to roll the whole thing up like a burrito, dried latex will stick to itself. Leave the ends open and some paper out the ends. When you're done rolling it up squeeze the whole thing in spots so it looks like intestines. I spun them around like a moron and that seemed to help alot."


Travthulu said...

Holy shit! I actually made these guts in the photo! I'm the one who sent Cory the info on how to make these. Wow!

Travis "Travthulu" Escamilla

Magpie said...

When I worked in the theatre we used a similar technique. You can make the process a little easier and more durable if you use an old pair of pantyhose to contain the paper towel. The nylon acts as a useful base for the liquid latex, too.

Unknown said...

The links to your page are under construction, any idea if the pages will ever go back online?