Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Grunge

Stacey Ransom offers up a great aging technique using spray adhesive and powdered grout. I've used a similar method, but wasted a lot of time blending colored powders from charcoal and chalk pastels ground in a spice grinder. It never even occurred to me that such a cheap and readily available supply of colored powders was available.

"One of the easiest methods for aging glass, mirrors, silverware or any other materials is to lightly spray the item with spray mount (aerosol glue) and then use a sifter to dust the item with dirt, baby powder or any other fine powder. Powdered grout (found in the tile/ceramics section) comes in a HUGE variety of colors, such as browns, grays and greens. Pick the smallest, cheapest bag – you won’t need much. Spray mount can be found at any hardware store or art store. Get one with a “light” hold."


Anonymous said...

uuuh! That is usefull! Thanks!

CoastConFan said...

Prop makers for cowboy films use a similar technique for aging cowboy hats to make them grungy. They take a common refillable spray bottle and use a mixture of very fine dust or powder. When you spray portion of a hat, for example the water soaks in along with a quantity of powder, the rest of the powder remains on the surface. After the hat is dry you have a realistic sweat line. On an uglier note, antique counterfeiters use the same technique to get age up a fake item and to get dust into fine cracks of furniture. For further reading on the subject I suggest an excellent series of crime novels by Jonathan Gash (Dr. John Grant) called the Lovejoy series of which there are twelve: See also the British TV series Lovejoy: . Although not Lovecraftian, the Lovejoy character grows on you.