Monday, September 12, 2011

Creating Copper Finishes

FitchenFoo brings us this incredibly in-depth look at creating copper finishes. He's coming from the direction of scale modelling, but his detailed examination of various techniques is equally applicable to prop creation.

"There’s Copper leaf, Sophisticated Finishes Copper Patina set, Apple Barrel “Pure Bronze” (looks like copper), Tamiya Acrylic Copper, Mr. Metal Color Copper (there’s also a Mr. Color Copper that I haven’t tried/bought), Alclad II Copper, Hawkeye/SnJ Copper Polishing Powder (they also make a paint that I’ve not tried/bought yet), Mig Productions Fantasy Pigments Copper, PearlEx Antique Copper and Sparkling Copper, Autumn Gold (copper) Rub n’ Buff, and of course copper sheet, rods and tubing. I’ve tried every one of these for one project or another. Every one is useful in some way, but combined they make some great colors."


Phil said...

Thanks for the link! I use a good bit of metal in my projects so this sort of thing really comes in handy.

Bellerophon said...

Excellent and most useful systematic study of copper finishes!

Also try this: apply mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide on bright copper to get an old penny look. Works better than ammonia alone.

I have also tried using bleach (NaClO aq) and it had no effect on copper.