Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flesh and Blood

Stacey Ransom demonstrates how to create faux flesh for an animal carcass. This would be ideal for recreating a cannibal feast or the results of a shoggoth attack. With the ready availability of cheap realistic skeletons it's easier than ever to make a partially devoured body.


Pam Morris said...

thanks for the link--truly realistic and very gruesome!

Ann said...

Where do you find "cheap, realistic" skeletons? My experience is that the cheap ones ain't realistic, and the realistic ones ain't cheap. Any sources?

Just recently found your blog and it's great! Love the inspirations and tutorials.

Propnomicon said...

@ Ann

The "Bucky" skeleton is the go-to for any kind of high end corpse work. It's cast off a real human skeleton, but the price is significantly discounted because of minor manufacturing defects. Skeleton Factory seems to have the best price at $105-

In my experience the 4th quality skeletons usually have some minor mold lines that can be removed in just a few minutes with a Dremel.

And thanks for the kind words.