Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Mask of Hastur

Jason McKittrick brings us another artifact from the Killian collection, the Mask of Hastur. Just click through for more pictures and an eBay link.

"Confiscated by Dr.James Killian in 1844 after a near fatal encounter with an isolated Hastur Cult in South America. It is not known if the mask actually “belonged” to the entity known as Hastur, however the item was used in rituals by the cult that were said to cause the wearer to become possessed by Hastur. These rituals often lead to the death of the wearer once the possession had ended."


CoastConFan said...

Lovely … like a face made of cactus and human skin, while seen on peyote in some blasphemous rite on the edges of civilization and sanity. The understatement is great and it reminds me of a Moche mask such as on this site:

Great work!

Jason McKittrick said...

Thank you Sir! I actually had a Mesoamerican style in mind when I made it. That's also why I placed the story in South America.