Sunday, August 28, 2011

Arkham Sanitarium Variant Logo

This was worked up for a Halloween attraction that features a horror asylum theme. They wanted a callback to Lovecraft's Arkham Sanitarium, but with a more modern design appropriate for an ambulance and incidental signage. Just click through for the high res version.


Alex Kaeda said...

I keep looking on craigslist for an ambulance, or a hearse.

And part of me giggles maniacally thinking about how flippin' sweet it would be, to have an ambulance with that on the doors/side, driving around town.

*right click/save as*

Raven said...

Well, I'd go in for three embroidered patches at up to $5 per, though I'd hope for a slightly more ambiguously modern font (i.e. double as "classic") in the sewn final. Anyone else?

I think a staggered layout could fit nine 3" circles on an 8.5x11" sheet of sticker paper for home-printed stickers, using a 3" circle punch for neat cutout.

CoastConFan said...

I also suggest that a six inch sticker would be great for a front license plate. You can go farther and make one foot sized (or larger) magnetic signs to stick on the side of your SUV or van. A sign shop can fabricate those very easily. You can then stick them temporarily on any vehicle for that, “There’re Coming to Take You Away” look. Also white smocks are a good uniform look when you are driving around town. I took my Arkham Sanitarium woven patch and taped military ribbon holders on the back to make a temporary breast patch for my blue blazer, which can be taken off easily.

Imagine if you will, an SUV with Arkham Sanitarium signs on the side and possibly a front license plate with some people in sanitarium garb showing up at a party, convention, or just making mischief. Don’t forget the restraints and butterfly net.