Tuesday, August 9, 2011

...Are Better Than One

Doll artist Kamila Mlynarczyk created these wonderful Cthulhu sculpts. The fine detailing of the tentacles is particularly impressive at this small scale. Art dolls aren't really my thing*, but it will be interesting to see how the finished product looks.

* And by "not my thing" I mean "are incredibly creepy". The doll artists I've actually met are, without fail, some of the nicest people around. It's just their handiwork that I find squicky.


CoastConFan said...

I also look forward to the Cthulhu dolls as well. I really liked her in-progress photos from Deviant Art, such as Cookie Tray of Horrors Redux and WIP. All those heads shrieking in the tray while going in or coming out of the oven is just surreal. Once those little heads get stuck on cute little bodies with dresses, it just emphasized the hideous expressions of the figures.

Gothridge Manor said...

Those are excellently creepy.