Monday, August 29, 2011

Fossilized Dragon

Artist Rick Sardinha brings us this fantastic fossilized dragon, one of many in his collection. It's sad that denialists refuse to recognize the existence of specimens like this.


CoastConFan said...

Crypto fossils are a lot of fun as props and conversation pieces and the more outrageous the better. I have no problem with obvious fantasy pieces but there has been a growing problem with fakes, which is an entirely different category from the neat item shown here. I like a good Piltdown Man or fossilized eldritch horror as well as anybody.

Paleo Direct has been trying to combat fake fossils, sold as real and they have a pretty good tutorial and .

Jens said...

These are brilliant! And even affordable. Checking my bank account now.

Naamah said...

I very, very rarely actually gasp aloud upon seeing something awesome. This was literally breathtaking. Holy CRAP.

Propnomicon said...

@ Naamah

The amount of work that went in to something like this is mind boggling.

@ Jens

I think he's using the addiction business model. Sure, one is reasonable, but after that you want them all.

@ CoastConFan

What a find! While fake fossils are a real problem the information about how they're created is fascinating. I foresee a trip to Home Depot to get a slab of rock in my future.

Phil said...

A really great design.
I actually took a step in that direction myself, with a trilobite box. Not that difficult really with patience, a Dremel, and a bit of Skulpy.