Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miskatonic Faculty Night Out

This year's Dragon*Con provided a rare opportunity for the faculty and staff of Miskatonic University to enjoy a rare night out on the town.

The ID cards and the collection of photographs from the con were created by Leesa Willis. You can read more about her adventures at Dragon*Con over at her blog.


Nick Storm said...

Good lord, WORKING bar codes?!

Not to take away the fact that almost ALL those pass photos looked superb and even "period" - mostly, but they had some great character names. Prof Whezhiel.

And to think that hot chicks don't go to silly Cons anymore? Heaven forfend. Rummage thru those links to see the hottie dressed as Silk Spectre. Wow


tabard said...


Heh, unfortunately, the barcodes are just a font I found online, and won't actually scan as anything (as far as I know). I'm already looking for a way to fix that for next year, though. :)

And yeah, there's eye candy all over Cons. Didn't you hear? Geek girls are hot! ;)


Thanks for the mention! I was kind of absurdly proud of these things :p I can't wait to do more with them (and other stuff)! :D