Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Aging Paper: Getting Rough

Artist Lisa Vollrath of "Go Make Something" has a great mini-tutorial on aging paper using abrasives like sandpaper and steel wool.

"One thing to note about sanding blocks is that they pick up the ink color of whatever is being sanded, as sort of a fine dust. This is a good thing while you’re sanding that piece, because the dust tones the piece and mellows the colors, but not so great when you move on to the next piece, whose colors may be completely different. Wipe the blocks down with a soft cloth after use to remove any loose dust. I’ve actually exploited this quality by sanding a gessoed board, then sanding a paper I wanted to lighten—the white dust gives a sort of ghostly haze to the paper."

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AnachroLush said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial! Really good for those that want to make props for art installation, film, or theater (or make their bookcase look more prestigious).