Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So I'm Googling around, putting together the back cover notations for the Miskatonic notebook, when I realize there might be a problem .


The last thing I want to do is step on the toes of what, by all accounts, is a great company producing an excellent product. But, lets be real- it's going to be hard to explain "See, I used the Futura font for the "At the Mountains of Madness" Antarctic expedition patch, which was the original inspiration for what turned into the Miskatonic notebook, so that's why my big, honking "Field Notes" title looks identical to yours." Much less the whole concept of a "Field Notes" notebook in and of itself.

Clearly, I'll be needing at least a new cover title. "Scientific Notebook" or "Observation Notebook", anyone?


Tyler said...

Expeditionary Log?

Propnomicon said...

@ Tyler

An excellent suggestion. I might try "Expedition Fieldbook" since it's easier to balance visually.

Doc Atomic said...

"Field Notes" hardly seems like a copyrighted name. Sure, the font similarities might be an issue, but I'm not sure you need to change the wording (unless you want to). Field notes are, after all, field notes...

Propnomicon said...

@ Doc Atomic

There's an argument to be made against taking a generic term and turning it into a trademark, but I suspect it could be a very, very expensive argument to make. Heh.

They also seem like a nice bunch of folks which, despite my annoyance, makes it hard to work myself up into a high dudgeon. Their products were introduced long before I had the idea of a "Field Notes" notebook, so they get dibs.

drjon said...


Only centred. With the Miskatonic crest at the top. It'll be sweet, and very very obviously different and non-infringing.

Also, find a Futura-style, slightly distressed fontface. Just enough to simulate faint letterpress bleed. Prolly need to do a microsmear on the crest as well, to match.

Laurent said...

I really think you should try to get in touch with them.
If they're ok, Great !
If not, you're already working on a plan B.

And imagine they propose you to make the book and distribute it ?

BeatricCaldwell said...

When I first saw your cover, I thought your book was an knowing homage to the field notes products.

Nick Storm said...

"Field notes" is absolutely not copyrighted, nor can it be as it's basic terminology and not a proprietory tradmark slogan ect.

Just change the font and centering and with the addition of the Miskatonic stuff.....

I think it's a great project and addition to a set BTW.


Rev. Marx said...

They didn't invent field notebooks, or the Futura font. Do it anyway!

I like the idea of using a 'distressed' version of the font and seal.