Friday, September 19, 2008

Jade Cthulhu Idol

I banged this Cthulhu idol out in a couple of hours, more out of an interest in trying a faux jade painting technique than anything else. The idol itself is Sculpy polymer clay over a core of armature wire and a big honkin' bolt. Why the bolt? So the idol can cause compasses in close proximity to swing towards it. The steel in the bolt is probably enough to do that on it's own, but I went to the trouble of using a massive salvage magnet to fully magnetize it. Yeah, it's a cheap effect, in every sense, but it amuses me to no end.

I'm really happy with how the jade finish came out. The paint job was done by hand, with a base coat of dark green and then two shades of lighter green applied by stippling with an old, worn out craft brush. That produced a great mottled green appearance that I finished off with two coats of Future acrylic for a smooth, polished stone finish.

The pictures really don't do it justice. The combination of my poor photography skills and the unholy glare produced by the acrylic finish made getting any decent shots an impossible task.

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