Sunday, September 14, 2008

ATMOM Photographs

This is a selection of photographs from the original Miskatonic expedition that we're using as props when we run "Beyond the Mountains of Madness". Click through for the full size versions. And when I say full size, I mean it- the files are crazy large, but look great as prints.

If you're really anal about them looking period you're probably going to need some fine sandpaper and a big, honkin' eraser to remove the branding information from the back of the developed prints. Nick the emulsion on the front a bit, add a little wear and tear, and you're good to go.

Expedition ship being unloaded at the landing point on the Ross ice shelf:

Sled dogs crossing the ice:

Dogs transporting Pabodie's revolutionary drilling rig. Portable, in this case, is relative:

Pabodie and Danforth taking position readings. The close proximity of the south pole made compasses useless and required regular celestial fixes for navigation and survey work.

Photograph from the camera mount on one of the expedition's Dornier "Wal" aircraft. The main wing is visible along the top of the picture, while the stubby structure to the right of the frame is a float on the plane's forward hull.

Prof. William Dyer relaxes on deck during the journey south:

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