Saturday, July 1, 2017

Smaug's Gold

Continuing with our dwarven theme, artist Victor Marin brings us a collection of gold and silver coins from Smaug's hoard.  These were modeled after the designs from Weta Workshop for the Hobbit films, cast in lead, and then gilded with silver and gold leaf.


Anonymous said...

Great sculpting and finishing on the coins!

But the lead concerns me.

Raven said...

One might expect, what with lead being used for weights all the time, that these lead coins would more realistically approximate the weight of heavy gold coins than of lighter silver coins. But no, lead is just a little denser than silver (Pb 11.34 g/cm^3 -v- Ag 10.49 g/cm^3); gold is nearly twice as dense as either (Au 19.3 g/cm^3).