Sunday, July 16, 2017

Unidentified Specimen

And I really mean "unidentified".  This sketch of an Elder Thing is a beautiful piece of work.  It looks like a diary or notebook page from one of the scientists on the Miskatonic expedition to the Antarctic, including print-through from the opposite side of the paper.   Sadly, no one seems to identify who actually made it.  It pops up a few times on Pinterest, each ultimately pointing back to this address. I've run it through TinEye, Google reverse image search, etc., but can't find a match.  Would anyone happen to know who the original artist is?

Update:  Thanks to  Terror of Death 42 and gndn  for noticing the watermark pointing to the apparent artists website at


Anonymous said...

It's watermarked in the lower left corner.

Which seems to lead to a still-in-progress professional portfolio site.

Terror of Death 42 said...

If you look very closely at the bottom left of the image, there is a watermark for, but unfortunately that leads to a portfolio that isn't properly set up.

Raven said...

You can, however, call or email the site owner.