Friday, June 30, 2017

Dwarven Trade Stone

When you order your custom forged sword from a dwarven smith does he write up a receipt from his handy accounts book? Of course not. Paper crumbles and burns. Stone? Stone lasts. Dayne Hodson brings us proof of that precept with this rare dwarven trade stone.

Found primarily in parts of Europe, Dwarven Trade Stones are used for proving that one has placed an order with a Dwarf.

Due to the time it takes for a Dwarf to forge an item, they would give one of these stones to the one requesting the forged item, than tell them to return at a later date with the same stone. The stone would then be examined to identify which item they had requested and proof of the trade.

Because many races seek out to purchase a Dwarfs forging skills, be it man, beast, fae or otherwise, many of these stones are lost before they can be traded back to the Dwarves.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. Nice execution.

Concept reminds me of the plentiful, largely business-related cuneiform tablets.