Friday, July 28, 2017

Cthulhu, Cultists, and Cards

Alberto Cano of the Cthulhu Project has a new Kickstarter that features some nifty swag. The core of the effort is a set of Mythos tarot cards from artist Sara Bardi. The basic set includes the 22 cards of the major arcana. Two limited editions featuring card bags dedicated to Cthulhu and the King in Yellow are also available.

The highlight of the project is a beautiful Cthulhu figure accompanied by four cultists. I really like that the statuette can serve as both a stand alone idol and the centerpiece of a miniature display.

The biggest reason I'm supporting this funding drive is that Mr. Cano has a proven track record on Kickstarter. Over the years he's managed multiple projects successfully, handily avoiding the curse that afflicts far too many Mythos efforts.  Most importantly, he keeps patrons updated on the progress of his projects.  Given that this one is already funded, and features a huge number of repeat supporters, I think it's worthy of your support as well.

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