Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Mark of Cthulhu, Alvarez Edition.

Photographer Stephen Alvarez brings us this petroglyph in the Barrier Canyon Style from Utah.  The conventional description of what you're seeing is that the large figure on the left is a "bird".   That you're actually looking at a painting of humanity cowering before huge, tentacled creatures is too outre for conventional science.

The Mythos has been active in North America for a very, very long time.


Unknown said...

This obviously a human depiction of a late (Paleolithic) Peace Accord between the Cthulhu Spawn (large, tentacled figure)and the Elder Things (Flower-headed figure to left of Cthulhu Spawn), witnessed by a neutral party, Yig (serpent on upper right).

Raven said...

Now, now, is it “exploiting pareidolia” if I see Cthulhoid images in van Gogh’s Starry Night, but not if you see them here?

Obviously this is indeed a bird: a German heraldic eagle flew over to Utah, and the poor locals had no idea how to draw it properly yet....