Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Commemorative Cthulhu Idol

The Cthulhu Project returns to our pages with their latest Kickstarter effort.  In addition to their already successful Lovecraftian card game "The Writer" they're offering up a very nice premium- copies of a Cthulhu idol sculpted by Marty of Monster Box.

The card game is a series completion variant where up to eight players vie to be the first to put together their own collection of Mythos stories.  

One of the biggest issues that repeatedly comes up with Mythos Kickstarters is shipping.  It can be an absolute killer, particularly when you're not really sure just how much it's going to add to your pledge.  Thankfully, the Cthulhu Project has avoided that by offering flat rates to both the EU and US.

Their are ten days left in the campaign and it's already hit it's funding target.  New stretch goals are likely to make it an even more attractive project.

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